Product Development

Continous improvement process

"Whoever stops becoming better has stopped being good" - this quote, originally from Philip Rosenthal is what a good product development describes. Only a product which gets improved permanently will be successfully in a longer term.

To record your ideas and problems, create a new pinnery board with the columns Ideas and Problems. So the product developers know, what to do. As soon as someone begins working on a task, he drags the card to the In Progress column.

If the work is finished you can drop the card to the Test board. Your product testers know then, which features they should test. After finishing the test the card gets dropped to Done or Problems again.



You run a company, a department or a team? Then there's a lot to do!

With a pinnery board, divided into Strategy, Staff, Financials and Law you will have a good starting point.


Build anything

Maybe the investment for your own 4 walls is the biggest you will ever take.

If you want to get your own appartment or house, create a new pinnery board to note everything you dont want to forget.

A good board could have the columns Building Ground, Cost Estimate and Architecture.

Facility Management

If you are maintaining an existing building, theres always anything to do. You can organize your work with a classic kanban board with the columns Ideas, To Do, In Progress and Done.



How are things working within your oragnization?

Create a Wiki-board in pinnery to explain how several things are working and to inform your colleagues about everything important.

For example, create a board with the columns Forms, Questions & Answers and Handbooks. Then note everything important!



To organize your sales team you can create a pinnery board with the columns Inquiry, Callback, Date agreed, Successfull and No interest.

The webform-generator helps you to create a form for your website. Whenever a customer fills and submits the form, the inquiry creates a new card in your pinnery board.

Private Use

Private Projects

You can even plan private projects with pinnery. No matter if you are planning your next big birthday party or your wedding - pinnery helps you perfectly to organize everything!



Tastes are different. If you work in the design area, you certainly know the challenge of agreeing with the client and to find out what your customer really wants.

By creating a pinnery board with the columns Proposals, In Progress, Done and Impossible you have a good starting point for a good project organization.

You can also invite your customer to the board, of course!

Social-Media Marketing

Are you the responsible person in your organisation for social-media-marketing?

If you are contributing on different social media plattforms, you can create a pinnery board with columns for each plattform, e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

With a runtime policy you can manage to post automatically on the platform when a card gets due.

Event Planning

Personal planning

If you plan an event you have to divide the staff.

With pinnery this is a really easy task. Just create a column for every division and note who is responsible for what. Additionally you can subdivide the columns by adding headlines between the cards.

Customer Support


If you are working on a help desk, you can create a ticketsystem with pinnery. Just create a board with the columns Inquiries, In Progress, Waiting and Done.