Perfect overview

With pinnery you have a perfect overview of all the tasks of your project. You always know what is finished and what has to be finnished.

Both cards and columns can have their individual color. This helps you to get a good overview at first glance.


You can attach unlimited pictures and files to each card. Because pictures say more than a 1000 words!


Tasks that depend on others can be recorded. Until the others resolve the card, it gets displayed as "transparent".


Collaborate with your team

Especially if you are working on a project with others it´s important to keep the overview! Every team member should know what to do all the time. It´s the perfect challenge for pinnery!

pinnery boards are refreshed automatically in the background without frequently clicking a "refresh" button, so you´ss stay up to date.

Assign users

Would you like a task to be done by a specific team member? No problem! You can assign a user to each task. Everybody sees who is responsible for it and the assigned user gets notified when something on the task is changing.

Budget & Costs

Budget & Costs

No matter if you are using pinnery for work or if you are using it for your private project. Knowing how much it costs and knowing if you can keep the budget is always an interesting thought. Have you calculated the costs for your project? No Problem! Enter them in the correspondingly card, so you can see in which columns are the most hidden costs.

As soon as you know the real costs you can enter them too. Now you can compare the estimated cost with the real cost and find out why your project is not on budget.

Checklists & Subboards


Large projects require big thinking. Don´t worry! With pinnery you are best prepared! You can attach an unlimited count of checkpoints to every card. When you are working on a certain task you can see it on the checklist and resolve the task step by step. So you ensure nothing gets forgotten.


Every card can have a whole subboard. The subboard works just like a normal board, you can create columns and cards in it. Whenever a task in the subboard is in the process of being resolved, the information will be displayed in the main board where your card was originally assigned. You can assign different team members to the sub board.


Estimated and real time

You can enter the estimated and real times to each card. Tihis helps you to estimate the total amount of time for the whole project even before you begin to work on it. On the other hand this allows you to compare the estimated time with the real time needed.

Statistics and Charts


How´s the progress of your project, and who still needs time to finish? This questions can get answered in the charting area within seconds!

The burndown-chart shows the progress of the project in a good overview. Here you can see when new tasks arrive and what time they were finished. The burndown-chart is a good tool to estimate the end of the project. You can add milestones to the burndown-chart to see the correlation between events and resolved tasks.


Remote presentations

In pinnery you record your ideas, ideas that you would like to share with others like colleagues, customers or even friends. The remote presentation feature is the ideal feature therefor!

You can attach an unlimited count of images to each card. Tihis could be drafts of your newest drawings, photos, building plans or whole sales presentations. You are having PowerPoint-, PDF-, Word-, Photoshop-, CorelDraw- or even Exel-files? Don´t care - pinnery converts them to images automatically!


Pen Input

You are together with your colleagues in your weekly meeting. You are having great ideas! Ideas you want to sketch immediatelly...

In pinnery pro you can use your touch pen to create new cards or to comment something. Use the touch pen like you would do it with an usual pen...



Each project is different. Individual data fields help you to attach the needed information to your cards.

You can define an unlimited count of custom fields which are then displayed in the detail view of your cards. This allows you to customize pinnery to the specific needs of your projects.