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Record and plan your time

Time is the most critical factor in many projects. To keep the overview pinnery offers some polished functions!

Estimated and real time

Time planning You can enter the estimated and real times to each card. This helps you to estimate the total amount of time for the whole project even before you began to work on it. On the other hand this allows you to compare the estimated time with the really needed time.


You can enter a deadline in each card. Unresolved tasks which deadline is overdue are getting highlighted in red so you can pay them specially attention.

Calendar view

Calendar view
In the calendar view you are getting an quick overview of all cards which are attached to a deadline. This helps you to plan your time.

Different time units

Different time units You can set an inidvidual time unit to each column. So you can plan the time in the column "Ideas" in hours while you plan the time of the column "In progress" in minutes.

Time recording

Once you start working on a particullary task you can start the time recorder. When its done, you stop it. pinnery then books the needed time to the task automatically.
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