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Project Planning

Your are planning a new project and you are having a lot of good new ideas? Note them in a new pinnery board! As soon as they are getting more concrete you drop them to the next column. If you decide to realize an idea, just drag it to the next column. And when it's done? Drop it to the final column!

Perfect overview

With pinnery you have a perfect overview of all the tasks of your project. You always know what is done and what you still need to do.

Classification by columns

ColumnsIn pinnery you can create a many columns as you want. Depending on the project it is e.g. a good thing to create one column for all the new ideas and a second column for all the tasks you decide to realize. Another column could be for all the tasks which are in progress. When a task is resolved you put them into the "Final" column.

Using colors

Both cards and columns can have their individual color. This helps you to get a good overview at first glance.

Pictures and file attachments

Attaching pictures and files You can attach unlimited pictures and files to each card. Because pictures say more than a 1000 words!


With pinnery pro you can even attach pictures and files to your cards which are stored on your Dropbox. This helps you to have the most current version of your files attached and you do not need to upload the same file again and again.

Subdivision by headlines

To get a better view you can create headlines to subdivide both, your cards and your columns.
Subdivision of columns Headline cards


On tasks which depend on others you can record the dependencies. Until the card on which it depends is resolved it gets displayed "transparent".

Different views

Different views You can choose the kind of view and select between default, compact and minimal view. So it's your decision which informations you want to see without opening a card.

Create cards by eMail!

E-Mail Schnittstelle pinnery creates an email address for each column. All mails sent to this addresses gets converted to new cards then.


pinnery is available in 7 languages. This makes it easier to work together within international teams.
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