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Pen Input

You are together with your colleagues in your weekly meeting. You are having great ideas! Ideas you want to sketch immediatelly...

Pen Input

In pinnery pro you can use your touch pen to create new cards or to comment something. Use the touch pen like you would do it with an usual pen...

No paper anymore!

We did not implement the pen input in any way, we implemented it perfectly. Our goal was to replace the good old pen and paper with a more modern one. So you can have all your sketched notes online and can share them with your friends.

Works best with a stylus pen

The pen input works best with a stylus pen. If you are working e.g. with a surface Pro 4.0 you can use the stylus pen like you would expect it from any other pen. Higher pressure makes the "ink" darker, lower pressure makes it brighter. And if you want to erase something just turn around your pen and use the eraser on it...
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