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Time Recording

With pinnery you will always have a good overview about your project.

When you start working on an task, click the icon to open the dropdown menu:


Then you can start the time recording. pinnery will start a timer then which measures how long you will need to complete the task. You can see that the timer is enabled at the timer icon at the top right in the menu bar.


As soon as a task is completed or you have paused working on it, click the timer icon in the menu bar. You will see for how long you are still working on the task and for which task the timer is active. Click to Stop time recording to book the time to the corresponding card.


Manually edit times

Of course, you can edit the times of a card manually, too. Just open the card with the menu icon and fill the time fields.

Karten-Menü Karten-Menü

By default all columns are configured to with with hours. If you want to change the time unit to something else (e.g. days or minutes), open the column menu.


Here you can choose the time unit for the selected column.


In all of the cards within this column the time will be displayed with the selected unit. You can change the time unit of a column every time and pinnery will recalculate the times of the cards automatically.

If you are having rubrics with different time units, pinnery will also convert the times on the cards when you move them between columns. To get this working correctly you can define the conversion factors within your board. To do that, open the board menu:


Here you can define the conversion factors for each time unit.


Deadlines and Calendar view

You can define a deadline for each card. Therefore open the card and input the deadline by clicking on the deadline field. A calendar will appear. First, select the date and afterthem you can input the clocktime.


As soon as the deadline of a card is overdue the deadline will highlighted red within the card.

Fälligkeit abgelaufen

To get a better overview of your deadlines, pinnery has implemented a calendar view. To open it click the eye icon in the upper menu bar and select "Calendar". Cards assigned to you are displayed red and all others are blue.

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