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pinnery within a Team

If you are using pinnery together with colleagues or with friends, pinnery has some nice functions for your perfect coordination.

As soon as someone chances anything on a card the view of all others is refreshed automatically. You do not need to refresh anything manually. Unfortunatelly, some browsers stop the automatic refresh after your computer was in standby mode. In this case you can use the refresh button of your browser to bring your view up to date.

If you want to invite colleagues or friends to your board, click the gear icon right to the board name to open the board menu.


Here you see the Board-Members. They all have access to your pinnery board. If you want to remove someone of your board, click on it and select the remove menu item. To add a new board member, click the plus-button.

Benutzer hinzufügen

Then input the email-address of the new teammember to invite him to your board. If the new teammember already has a pinnery account, please use his mailaddress which is already known within pinnery. If you choose a different address and the new team member is still using pinnery pro, he will not be able the use the advanced features within your board.

When using pinnery pro you can divide between administrators, teamleader, users and guests.

Depending on in which category the user is he has the following rights:

  • Administrators are having full access to the board and can use every functionality within it. Only administrators can add new members to a board. And only administrators are having the ability to wholy delete a board.
  • Teamleader can not add new members to a board and they also can not change any board setting. But the do have full access to the boards content and can assign users to a card and they can create sub-boards for each card.
  • Users can not change any settings. They can not create sub-boards, as well. But they can create and delete cards and move them between the columns.
  • Guests only have read only access to the board.

At the board menu you can define if new cards are assigned to the user which creates the chard automatically.

Benutzer automatisch zuweisen

If you want to assign a card to a particulary user you can open the card with the cards menu and then assigning the user.

Benutzer zuordnen
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