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Profile settings

To change your profile settings click at your name in the upper menu bar.


In the menu which appears then, please click to "Edit my account settings.".

There you can select a profile picture. This picture is shown the other pinnery users e.g. when you are assigned to a card or when you comment something. TO change the picture double click on it.

Now you can choose a picture from your local drive. After then you can choose the area of the picture where you are shown. The selected area must be a square.


After you have selected the picture area click the "Confirm" button below the picture. If you want to crop the picture again hover the mouse over the picture and click on the edit icon:


In your profile settings you can also edit your name, your address and your view name. The view name (the first input field) is shown to other users within pinnery. The provided address is used for invoicing when you are upgrading to pinnery pro.


At the preferences on the right side you can define a favourite color. If you did not select a profile picture then your initials on a background with your favourite color is shown to the other users then.

Additionally you can define the language in which you want to interact with pinnery. Also you can define the currency you are using. If you put in some expenses to a card this currency will be used. (pinnery pro only)

You also can define a wallpaper. This is working the same way as selecting profile picture.

If you are still using pinnery free you can upgrade to pinnery pro here, too. The red button allows you to delete your whole pinnery account.

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