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How to use pinnery?

With pinnery you can organize your projects with boards, columns and cards.

To understand how pinnery works its the best to imagine a board in the real world. This board equals to a board in pinnery.


Then you subdivide this board into multiple columns, e.g. Ideas, To Do, In Progress, Test and Done. This columns are called columns in pinnery, too!

In the case you, your friends or colleagues have some good new ideas you write them on a small post-it sticker which you will stick on the board into the column Ideas. This stickers are called "Cards" in pinnery.

As soon as you have decided on an idea you move the sticker to the second column, To Do. Now you see all the tasks that still need to be done in the "To Do" column.

Whenever you decide to use something from your board you move the sticker into the In Progress column. This prevents you from working on the same task at the same time and everybody can see what you are actually working on

Before you move all the finished tasks from In Progress into the Done column, you can run a test. You can also skip the test that depends what you are working on.

Every finished task is in the Done column now. You can delete the card when it's done but then you dont't hafe the benefit to evaluate your whole project anymore.

How to start

Indeed, the first step is to register at pinnery. Don't worry: With the registration we will create a free account for you. No costs are incurred at this time. Later, when you decide to upgrade to pinnery pro because you are missing some features or you just want to support us, costs are incurred. But this is fully optional.

After your registration you can login at with your mailaddress and the password you've selected at the registration process. Once you are logged in you will see an empty pinnery board.

Click the plus button to add a new column, e.g. Ideas. After clicking the plus button an input field will appear. Fill it with the name of the column you wish.

Neue Karte

Now you can create new cards. Click at the "New Card" field, enter the text and press the enter key on your keyboard.

Neue Karte

As soon as the state of the card changes you can drag it with your mouse to the next column.

To see more details of a card you can open it when you click the menu icon at the top right corner of the card.

Karte öffnen

A few more tips:

You can change the color of your columns. Just click the color field left to the column name to select an inidividual color.

Farbe ändern

To change the order of your columns you can drag them with the mouse up and down.

To add headlines between your columns create a new column whichs name begins with a colon (:).


At the same way you can create headline cards. Just add a colon at the beginning of the card name.


You also can resort your cards by dragging them with your mouse up and down.

If you want to get notified after changes and comments on a particular card, click the "Like" button. (only in pinnery pro)

To attach a picture or a file attachment to a card, click the paper-clip icon left to the new card input.

Datei oder Bildanhang

Of course pinnery knows smileys. Just write them into a card :-), to get pinnery converting it to it's smiley image equivalent.

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