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pinnery offers a few different charts about your cards.

If you have defined costs and planned costs in cards within a column, you will see a comparsion diagramm when you open the column menu.


Hover the mouse over a diagram bar to see its textual value.

Rubrik-Menü geöffnet

More charts can be found in the charts-view. Open the view menu in the menu bar at the top of pinnery and select charts.

Ansicht ändern

You will see the charts view then where you find the burndown chart on top of the page.


By default pinnery shows the burndown chart for the current month. To change the date range change the values of the date editors above the diagram and click the OK button. Do not select a very big time range because this would take a long duration to show.

You can add milestones to your burndown chart. Click the plus button in the milestone box, select a date and input a name for the milestone. Then click OK.


Milestones helps you to see important events within the selected time range and to find out how they affected the process of your project.

At the end of the charts area you see a few charts about how the cards are distributed within the team members and the columns.

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