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Who we are

The pinnery company is a spin-off of the Rowisoft GmbH.

Since we published a community store for our ERP-software "Rowisoft blue" in 2016 we were looking for some new ideas to fill our newly created store with software. We created a small pinnboard software which could be implemented in our ERP-Software very easy. Once we have published it we saw a bigger potential in it. So we began to extend it more and more and build an own product. pinnery was born.

The name pinnery

Afterthem we decided to build an own product out of the pinboard software we were looking for a name for it. After a long discussion in our company internal WhatsApp group we got some crazy ideas like edooli, pinnstu and pinduri. It was a huge challenge to find a name which sounds good and whichs .com domain is available. After we decided to pinduri we where thinking about how people will pronounce it. After saying it often and often to ourselfs we knew that we have already found our final name: pinnery.

Who we areWho we are
Who we areWho we are
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